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PRESCREEN SOLUTIONS, your strategic partner in global background and employment screening services helps business attain a strong, secure, efficient and profitable operation. We offer fast, affordable, comprehensive screening reports and packages, with over 50 individual product options, our skilled staff can customize a package to fit the needs of any sized company.  Utilizing a global network of researchers, PRESCREEN SOLUTIONS will insure the most up-to-date information and verify each piece of data retrieved.  Cost and efficiency are critical but never at the expense of accuracy.  Our business is driven by responsibility.

Through our online website, ordering is simplified, turnaround time is reduced and the savings are immediate. We provide background screening services to hundreds of businesses, from small family-run companies to Fortune 500 Corporations who all have one thing in common: They care about providing a safe and profitable environment for their employees.

We’re a national company, but we offer personalized and attentive service. When you call us, you’ll talk to a person, not a computer. Our Customer Service Team will even work with you to customize a package to fit your company’s particular needs. Customer Service hours are 7 am to 6 pm Pacific.

LiveScan Corona & Southern Ca.

LiveScan fingerprinting is the process of taking fingerprints digitally on a computer without using ink. They are then electronically transmitted to a receiving agency to be verified and authenticated. Once the digitized prints are transmitted to the appropriate government agency, a criminal background check is completed. The results can be returned to the source within 72 hours. Most law enforcement agencies in the United States have now adopted live scan fingerprinting as their medium for personal identification.

Who needs LiveScan?

LiveScan Fingerprints are required to be submitted for Real Estate Licensees, Notaries, Vehicle Salespersons & Dealers, Driving Instructors or any other vehicle industry related occupation licensed by DMV, Stock Brokers, Security Guards, Teachers, Appraisers, Massage Therapists, Foster Parents, Elder Caregivers, as well as anyone having contact with children or the elderly, etc.


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