Live Scan Services in Corona

What is LiveScan Fingerprinting?
LiveScan fingerprinting is the process of taking fingerprints digitally on a computer without using ink. They are then electronically transmitted to a receiving agency to be verified and authenticated. Once the digitized prints are transmitted to the appropriate government agency, a criminal background check is completed. The results can be returned to the source within 72 hours. Most law enforcement agencies in the United States have now adopted live scan fingerprinting as their medium for personal identification.

How Does the Process Work?
Applicants must present a valid photo identification to the LiveScan Operator along with the “Request for Live Scan Service” Form (BCII 8016).  Expired identification cards will not be accepted. A trained technician will scan your fingerprints and immediately transmit them to the appropriate agencies for background processing. The electronic fingerprinting takes five to ten minutes.

Who Needs LiveScan?
LiveScan Fingerprints are required to be submitted for Real Estate Licensees, Notaries, Vehicle Salespersons & Dealers, Driving Instructors or any other vehicle industry related occupation licensed by DMV, Stock Brokers, Security Guards, Teachers, Appraisers, Massage Therapists, Foster Parents, Elder Caregivers, as well as anyone having contact with children or the elderly, etc.

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Hours of Operation
Our Offices are open from 7:30am to
6:00pm Monday through Friday.

Rolling Fee:

Payment Options
Fingerprinting Services can be paid for by:
Cash, Check, Money Order, ATM/Debit
Cards, Credit Cards.

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